The GeoRef Database: A Detailed Comparison and Analysis of Three Platforms

  title={The GeoRef Database: A Detailed Comparison and Analysis of Three Platforms},
  author={Rusty Kimball},
  journal={Science \& Technology Libraries},
  pages={111 - 129}
  • R. Kimball
  • Published 3 March 2010
  • Computer Science
  • Science & Technology Libraries
A detailed comparative analysis of three platforms of the geoscience database GeoRef is presented. Detailed comparisons are presented in the areas of general features, search features, display options, retrieval options, and search results algorithms for the GeoRef platforms produced by OvidSP, EBSCO, and Engineering Village. These platforms prove to be comparable in many respects. The remaining noncomparable features are contrasted as strengths and weaknesses, allowing academic libraries to… 
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