The Genus Tremella (Basidiomycota, Tremellales) in Finland

  title={The Genus Tremella (Basidiomycota, Tremellales) in Finland},
  author={Emilia Pippola and Heikki Kotiranta},
Sixteen species of Tremella Pers. are currently known from Finland. Fifteen of them are illustrated and described, and a key to all Finnish species is given. Tremella cetrariicola Diederich & Coppins, T. cladoniae Diederich & M.S. Christ., T. giraffa Chee J. Chen, T. globispora D.A. Reid, T. phaeophysciae Diederich & M.S. Christ., T. polyporina D.A. Reid and T. ramalinae Diederich are reported as new to Finland. 

Tremella rhizocarpicola sp. nov. and other interesting lichenicolous Tremellales and Filobasidiales in the Nordic countries

New data on the diversity and geographical distribution of lichenicolous Tremellales and Filobasidiales in the Nordic countries is presented. One new species, Tremella rhizocarpicola, is formally

A New Lichenicolous Fungus Record from The Çamlik National Park (Yozgat, Turkey), Tremella candelariellae (Basidiomycota, Tremellales)

Morphological, anatomical and ecological characteristics of the species are presented, and the sequence analysis of the ITS region was performed and the phylogenetic tree was formed by closely related species.

Tremella diploschistina (Tremellales, Basidiomycota, Fungi), a new lichenicolous species growing on Diploschistes

Morphological and molecular studies confirm that this material represents a single species of Tremella, which differs from other described Tremella species in the combination of gall morphology, Basidium morphology, basidium and basidiospore sizes, presence of thick-walled hyphidia, and a different host-selection.

Contribution to the Macromycetes of West Bengal, India: 23–27

Five heterobasidiomycetous taxa, viz., Dacryopinax spathularia (Dacrymycetaceae), Exidia glandulosa, Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Exidiaceae), Tremella fuciformis, and T. mesenterica (Tremellaceae), are reported from West Bengal, India with their morpho-anatomical details.

Phylogeny and Diversity of the Genus Pseudohydnum (Auriculariales, Basidiomycota)

Five new species of toothed jelly fungus from China, New Zealand, and Australia are described and illustrated, and a new combination, Pseudohydnum totarae, is proposed, which can be differentiated by the shape of their basidiomata.

Diversity and distribution of Finnish aphyllophoroid and heterobasidioid fungi (Basidiomycota): An update

This paper describes the occurrence and distributions of both aphyllophoroid and heterobasidioid fungi in Finland and introduces 13 species new to Finland, including Proterochaete and Pseudoxenasma, two new genera to Finland.

Four new species in the Tremellafibulifera complex (Tremellales, Basidiomycota)

The phylogenetic analyses confirmed Tremellafibulifera is confirmed as a species complex including nine species including nine known species and four new species based on morphological characteristics, molecular evidence, and geographic distribution.

18th Congress of European Mycologists Bioblitz 2019 – Naturalists Contribute to the Knowledge of Mycobiota and Lichenobiota of Białowieża Primeval Forest

A total of 561 records of 233 species of fungi are reported from the Polish part of Bialowieza Forest as a result of a short-term inventory that was conducted during the 18th Congress of European

Studies in the Phaeotremella foliacea group (Tremellomycetes, Basidiomycota)

The taxonomy of the Phaeotremella foliacea group is revised based on morphological, ecological, geographic and DNA data. The name P. foliacea is retained for the gymnosperm-dwelling species

Contributions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota): new and rare species.

Článek rozšiřuje poznatky o nelupenatých houbách Finska (zejména chorošotvarých a kornatcotvarých) o nové druhy pro tuto zemi nebo dílčí oblasti a záznamy o výskytu vzácných druhů. Nález



New Zealand Tremelles—II

Eleven species of Tremellales are described from New Zealand, two of which, Sebacina filicola and S. pteridicola, are described as new.

Two unusual tremellas from British Columbia

Two mycoparasitic species of Tremella are reported for the first time from North America and a conidial stage is described for Tremella polyporina; Tremella uliginosa is redescribed and illustrated.

New Zealand Tremellales—I

Summary Nine species of Tremellales are describe from New Zealand, of which Helicogloca lagerbeimii Pat. and Tremella obseura (L.S. Olive) Christiansen constitute new records for the country.

Tremella globospora, in the field and in culture

Compatibility tests indicated a single species with a modified tetrapolar mating system typical of the genus Tremella, which grows directly from within perithecia of species of Valsa and Diaporthe found on hosts belonging to seven Angiosperm genera and three of Gymnosperm.

The genus Basidiodendron (Heterobasidiomycetes, Tremellales) in Finland

Six species of the genus Basidiodendron are reported from Finland: B. eyrei and B. cinereum are reported for the first time, and the most common species in the genus seems to be B. caesiocinereUM.

New species and new records of American lichenicolous fungi

A study of the apothecial pigments does not support the distinction of Nesolechia and Phacopsis, and a key to all known species of Lichenodiplis and Minutoexcipula is given.

The Genus Naematelia

Repeated isolations from the fleshy core and from basidiospores demonstrate that the basidiocarps are composed of two discordant elements and the name Naematelia, originally based on this species, is then a nomen confusum.

Tremella polyporina from New York State

Tremella polyporina Reid is reported from New York State as a common mycoparasite on Tyromyces lacteus (Fr.) Murr. Problems in morphological studies of parasitized polypores are discussed.