The Genomic History of Southeastern Europe

  title={The Genomic History of Southeastern Europe},
  author={Iain Mathieson and S. A. Roodenberg and C. Posth and Anna Sz{\'e}cs{\'e}nyi-Nagy and Nadin Rohland and S. Mallick and I. Olalde and Nasreen Broomandkhoshbacht and F. Candilio and Olivia Cheronet and Daniel M Fernandes and Matthew Ferry and B. Gamarra and G. G. Fortes and W. Haak and {\'E}adaoin Harney and E. Jones and D. Keating and Ben Krause-Kyora and Isil Kucukkalipci and M. Michel and A. Mittnik and Kathrin N{\"a}gele and Mario Novak6 and Jonas Oppenheimer and Nick Patterson and Saskia Pfrengle and Kendra Sirak6 and Kristin Stewardson and S. Vai and Stefan Alexandrov and Kurt W. Alt1 and R. Andreescu and D. Antonovi{\'c} and Abigail Ash and Nadezhda Atanassova and K. Bacvarov and Mende Bal{\'a}zs Guszt{\'a}v and H. Bocherens and M. Bolus and Adina Boroneanț and Y. Boyadzhiev and A. Budnik and Josip Burmaz and Stefan Chohadzhiev and N. Conard and R. Cottiaux and Maja {\vC}uka and Christophe Cupillard and D. Drucker and Nedko Elenski and M. Francken and Borislava Galabova and G. Ganetsovski and B. G{\'e}ly and T. Hajdu and Veneta Handzhyiska and K. Harvati and T. Higham and S. Iliev and I. Jankovi{\'c} and Ivor Karavani{\'c} and D. Kennett and Darko Kom{\vs}o and A. Kozak and D. Labuda and M. Lari and C. Lazăr and Maleen Leppek and Krassimir Leshtakov and D. L. Vetro and D. Los and Ivaylo Lozanov and Maria Malina and F. Martini and K. McSweeney and Harald Meller and Marko Menđu{\vs}i{\'c} and Pavel Mirea and V. Moiseyev and V. Petrova and T. D. Price and Angela Simalcsik and L. Sineo and M. {\vS}laus and V. Slavchev and P. Stanev and Andrej Starovi{\'c} and Tam{\'a}s Szeniczey and S. Talamo and M. Teschler-Nicola and C. Thevenet and I. Valchev and F. Valentin and S. Vasilyev and Fanica Veljanovska and Svetlana Venelinova and E. Veselovskaya and B. Viola and Cristian Virag and Jo{\vs}ko Zaninovi{\'c} and S. Z{\"a}uner and P. Stockhammer and G. Catalano and R. Krauss and David Caramelli and G. Zariņa and B. Gaydarska and M. Lillie and A. G. Nikitin and I. Potekhina and Anastasia Papathanasiou and Du{\vs}an Bori{\'c} and C. Bonsall and J. Krause and R. Pinhasi and D. Reich},
  pages={197 - 203}
  • Iain Mathieson, S. A. Roodenberg, +114 authors D. Reich
  • Published 2018
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Farming was first introduced to Europe in the mid-seventh millennium bc, and was associated with migrants from Anatolia who settled in the southeast before spreading throughout Europe. Here, to understand the dynamics of this process, we analysed genome-wide ancient DNA data from 225 individuals who lived in southeastern Europe and surrounding regions between 12000 and 500 bc. We document a west–east cline of ancestry in indigenous hunter-gatherers and, in eastern Europe, the early stages in… CONTINUE READING
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