The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia

  title={The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia},
  author={Vagheesh M. Narasimhan and N. Patterson and Priya Moorjani and I. Lazaridis and M. Lipson and S. Mallick and Nadin Rohland and Rebecca Bernardos and Alexander M Kim and Nathan Nakatsuka and I. Olalde and A. Coppa and J. Mallory and V. Moiseyev and J. Monge and L. Olivieri and Nicole Adamski and Nasreen Broomandkhoshbacht and F. Candilio and Olivia Cheronet and Brendan J. Culleton and Matthew Ferry and Daniel Fernandes and Beatriz Gamarra and D. Gaudio and Mateja Hajdinjak and {\'E}adaoin Harney and Thomas K. Harper and D. Keating and Ann Marie Lawson and Megan Michel and M. Novak and Jonas Oppenheimer and N. Rai and K. Sirak and V. Slon and Kristin Stewardson and Z. Zhang and Gaziz Akhatov and A. N. Bagashev and B. Baitanayev and Gian Luca Bonora and T. Chikisheva and A. Derevianko and E. Dmitry and K. Douka and N. Dubova and A. Epimakhov and Suzanne Freilich and D. Fuller and A. Goryachev and A. Gromov and B. Hanks and M. Judd and Erlan Kazizov and A. Khokhlov and E. Kitov and E. Kupriyanova and P. Kuznetsov and D. Luiselli and F. Maksudov and C. Meiklejohn and D. Merrett and R. Micheli and O. Mochalov and Zahir Muhammed and Samariddin Mustafokulov and A. Nayak and Rykun M Petrovna and D. Pettener and R. Potts and D. Razhev and S. Sarno and Kulyan Sikhymbaeva and S. Slepchenko and N. Stepanova and S. Svyatko and S. Vasilyev and M. Vidale and D. Voyakin and A. Yermolayeva and A. Zubova and V. Shinde and C. Lalueza-Fox and M. Meyer and D. Anthony and N. Boivin and K. Thangaraj and D. Kennett and Michael Frachetti and R. Pinhasi and D. Reich},
  • Vagheesh M. Narasimhan, N. Patterson, +89 authors D. Reich
  • Published 2018
  • Biology
  • bioRxiv
  • The genetic formation of Central and South Asian populations has been unclear because of an absence of ancient DNA. [...] Key Result We document a southward spread of genetic ancestry from the Eurasian Steppe, correlating with the archaeologically known expansion of pastoralist sites from the Steppe to Turan in the Middle Bronze Age (2300-1500 BCE).Expand Abstract
    The genetic history of admixture across inner Eurasia
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    The genetic makings of South Asia.
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