The Genome of the Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana: Ecology, Evolution, and Metabolism

  title={The Genome of the Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana: Ecology, Evolution, and Metabolism},
  author={E. V. Armbrust and J. A. Berges and C. Bowler and B. Green and D. Mart{\'i}nez and Nicholas H. Putnam and S. Zhou and A. Allen and K. Apt and Michael Bechner and M. Brzezinski and B. Chaal and A. Chiovitti and A. Davis and Mark S. Demarest and J. Detter and T. Glavina and D. Goodstein and M. Z. Hadi and U. Hellsten and M. Hildebrand and B. Jenkins and J. Jurka and V. Kapitonov and N. Kr{\"o}ger and W. W. Y. Lau and T. Lane and F. Larimer and J. C. Lippmeier and S. Lucas and M. Medina and Anton Montsant and M. Oborn{\'i}k and M. Parker and B. Palenik and G. Pazour and P. Richardson and T. Rynearson and M. Saito and D. C. Schwartz and K. Thamatrakoln and K. Valentin and A. Vardi and F. Wilkerson and D. Rokhsar},
  pages={79 - 86}
  • E. V. Armbrust, J. A. Berges, +42 authors D. Rokhsar
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Diatoms are unicellular algae with plastids acquired by secondary endosymbiosis. They are responsible for ∼20% of global carbon fixation. We report the 34 million–base pair draft nuclear genome of the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana and its 129 thousand–base pair plastid and 44 thousand–base pair mitochondrial genomes. Sequence and optical restriction mapping revealed 24 diploid nuclear chromosomes. We identified novel genes for silicic acid transport and formation of silica-based cell… CONTINUE READING
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