The Genome of the African Trypanosome Trypanosoma brucei

  title={The Genome of the African Trypanosome Trypanosoma brucei},
  author={M. Berriman and E. Ghedin and C. Hertz-Fowler and G. Blandin and H. Renauld and Daniella C. Bartholomeu and N. Lennard and E. Caler and Nancy E. Hamlin and B. Haas and Ulrike B{\"o}hme and L. Hannick and M. Aslett and J. Shallom and L. Marcello and L. Hou and B. Wickstead and U. Alsmark and C. Arrowsmith and R. Atkin and A. J. Barron and F. Bringaud and K. Brooks and M. Carrington and I. Cherevach and Tracey-Jane Chillingworth and C. Churcher and L. Clark and C. Corton and Ann Cronin and R. Davies and J. Doggett and A. Djikeng and T. Feldblyum and Mark C. Field and A. Fraser and I. Goodhead and Z. Hance and D. Harper and B. Harris and H. Hauser and J. Hostetler and A. Ivens and K. Jagels and D. Johnson and J. Johnson and K. Jones and A. Kerhornou and Hean Koo and N. Larke and S. Landfear and C. Larkin and V. Leech and A. Line and A. Lord and A. MacLeod and P. Mooney and S. Moule and D. M. A. Martin and G. W. Morgan and K. Mungall and H. Norbertczak and D. Ormond and G. Pai and Chris S. Peacock and J. Peterson and M. Quail and E. Rabbinowitsch and M. Rajandream and C. Reitter and S. Salzberg and M. Sanders and Seth Schobel and Sarah Sharp and M. Simmonds and A. J. Simpson and L. Tallon and C. M. Turner and A. Tait and A. Tivey and S. V. Van Aken and D. Walker and D. Wanless and S. Wang and Brian White and O. White and S. Whitehead and J. Woodward and J. Wortman and M. Adams and T. Embley and K. Gull and E. Ullu and J. Barry and A. Fairlamb and F. Opperdoes and B. Barrell and J. Donelson and N. Hall and C. Fraser and S. E. Melville and N. el-Sayed},
  pages={416 - 422}
  • M. Berriman, E. Ghedin, +99 authors N. el-Sayed
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • African trypanosomes cause human sleeping sickness and livestock trypanosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa. We present the sequence and analysis of the 11 megabase-sized chromosomes of Trypanosoma brucei. The 26-megabase genome contains 9068 predicted genes, including ∼900 pseudogenes and ∼1700 T. brucei–specific genes. Large subtelomeric arrays contain an archive of 806 variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) genes used by the parasite to evade the mammalian immune system. Most VSG genes are… CONTINUE READING
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