The Genesis and Evolution of the Ethiopian Revolution and the Derg: A Note on Publications by Participants in Events1

  title={The Genesis and Evolution of the Ethiopian Revolution and the Derg: A Note on Publications by Participants in Events1},
  author={Temesgen Gebeyehu},
  journal={History in Africa},
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In 1974 the Ethiopian government of Emperor Haile-Sellasie was overthrown and replaced by the Provisional Military Administrative Council (PMAC). Also known as the Derg, the PMAC adopted socialism, embarked on radical social changes, and retained power for over two decades under its leader, Mengistu Hayle-Maryam, eventually was overthrown in 1991. The Ethiopian Revolution and the Derg are the topics of several authors, including those publishing close to the events, such as Raul Valdes Vivo… Expand
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