The General Kerr-de Sitter metrics in all dimensions

  title={The General Kerr-de Sitter metrics in all dimensions},
  author={G. W. Gibbons and H. Q. Lu and Don N Page and C N Pope},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},

General Kerr–NUT–AdS metrics in all dimensions

The Kerr–AdS metric in dimension D has cohomogeneity [D/2]; the metric components depend on the radial coordinate r and [D/2] latitude variables μi that are subject to the constraint ∑iμ2i = 1. We

Higher-dimensional black holes with multiple equal rotations

We study a limit of the Kerr–(A)dS spacetime in a general dimension where an arbitrary number of its rotational parameters is set equal. The resulting metric after the limit formally splits into two

Generalisations of the Kerr-Taub-NUT-de Sitter Metrics in Higher Dimensions

The generalisation of the four-dimensional Kerr-de Sitter metrics to include a NUT charge is well known, and is included within a class of metrics obtained by Plebanski. In this paper, we show how

Higher dimensional Kerr–Schild spacetimes

We investigate general properties of Kerr–Schild (KS) metrics in n > 4 spacetime dimensions. First, we show that the Weyl tensor is of type II or more special if the null KS vector k is geodetic (or,

Classification of Kerr–de Sitter-like spacetimes with conformally flat I

We provide a classification of 0$ ?>Λ>0-vacuum spacetimes which admit a Killing vector field with respect to which the associated ‘Mars–Simon tensor’ (MST) vanishes and have a conformally flat I− (or

Free data at spacelike I and characterization of Kerr-de Sitter in all dimensions

We study the free data in the Fefferman–Graham expansion of asymptotically Einstein ( n + 1 ) -dimensional metrics with non-zero cosmological constant. We analyze the relation between the electric



Lorentz covariant treatment of the Kerr--Schild geometry

It is shown that a Lorentz covariant coordinate system can be chosen in the case of the Kerr–Schild geometry which leads to the vanishing of the pseudo energy–momentum tensor and hence to the

New Infinite Series of Einstein Metrics on Sphere Bundles from AdS Black Holes

Abstract.A new infinite series of Einstein metrics is constructed explicitly on S2×S3, and the non-trivial S3-bundle over S2, containing infinite numbers of inhomogeneous ones. They appear as a

Rotation and the AdS/CFT correspondence

In asymptotically flat space a rotating black hole cannot be in thermodynamic equilibrium because the thermal radiation would have to be co-rotating faster than light far from the black hole. However

Hamilton-Jacobi and Schrodinger Separable Solutions of Einstein’s Equations

This paper contains an investigation of spaces with a two parameter Abelian isometry group in which the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for the geodesies is soluble by separation of variables in such a way


Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations

We examine various well known exact solutions available in the literature to investigate the recent criterion obtained in Negi and Durgapal [Gravitation and Cosmology7, 37 (2001)] which should be

Black hole equilibrium states.