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The Genera Epitonium (Part II), Depressiscala, Cyclindriscala, Nystiella and Solutiscala in the Western Atlantic

  title={The Genera Epitonium (Part II), Depressiscala, Cyclindriscala, Nystiella and Solutiscala in the Western Atlantic},
  author={William James Clench and Ruth D. Turner},

Records and Descriptions of Epitoniidae (Orthogastropoda: Epitonioidea) from the Deep Sea off Northeastern Brazil and a Checklist of Epitonium and Opalia from the Atlantic Coast of South America

An overview of the biodiversity and distribution of the genera studied is presented for the Atlantic Ocean and a list of the species of Epitonium and Opalia from the Atlantic coast of South America is presented based primarily on data from the literature.

The point on Opaliopsis atlantis (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae) distribution: new data from the Mediterranean and implications

It is suggested that this cnidarian-ectoparasitic prosobranch of Opaliopsis atlantis could adapt to different hosts, as a strategy that may enhance its wide biogeographic distribution.

Taxonomy of Nystiellidae (Caenogastropoda, Epitonioidea) from Brazil, with description of three new species from the South-western Atlantic

A taxonomic revision of the Nystiellidae from Brazil, including samples from the Rio Grande Rise, South Atlantic, was performed based on shell morphology, and the richest genus, Eccliseogyra, the three species previously recorded from Brazil were revised.

Taxonomic review of the genus Opaliopsis (Gastropoda: Nystiellidae) from Brazil, with description of a new species

A new species, Opaliopsis cearense, is described from the north-eastern Brazilian coast, and is distinguished by its large number of fine spiral cords per teleoconch whorl.

Early Cretaceous Small-Sized Gastropods from the Shallow Marine Deposits of the Kimigahama Formation, Choshi Group, Japan

Twelve species of small gastropods are extracted using the sodium tetraphenylborate method from the strongly lithified shallow marine deposits of the Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) Kimigahama Formation of the Choshi Group, central Japan, suggesting that the sinistral triphorids originated from the dextral ancestor.

The unknown bathyal of the Canaries: new species and new records of deep-sea Mollusca

ABSTRACT A set of seven dredge hauls, between 195-215 m and 655-660 m deep on the NW slope of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), recovered 15 000 specimens belonging to 295 species of molluscs. Of

Revised Classification, Nomenclator and Typification of Gastropod and Monoplacophoran Families

A fully ranked, hierarchical classification summarizes recent advances in the phylogeny of the Gastropoda and Monoplacophora.

Nystiellidae (Gastropoda: Epitonioidea) Collected During the REVIZEE Program/Northeast Brazil with Descriptions of New Species and a Checklist of the Family from the Atlantic Coast of South America

Three nystiellids unknown to science, belonging to the genera Eccliseogyra and Papuliscala, are presented herein based on shell morphology and their geographic and bathymetric distribution based on data from the literature is presented.

A new early Danian gastropod assemblage from northern Patagonia, Río Negro Province, Argentina

Abstract A new early Danian gastropod assemblage contained in the Roca Formation of Rio Negro Province was analyzed. Eleven species are described and illustrated, the new genus Rocalaria is created,