The GeantV project: Preparing the future of simulation

  title={The GeantV project: Preparing the future of simulation},
  author={Guilherme Amadio and John Apostolakis and Marilena Bandieramonte and Abhijit Bhattacharyya and Calebe De Paula Bianchini and Rene Brun and Ph Canal and Federico Carminati and L Duhem and Daniel Elvira and Johannes de Fine Licht and Andrei Gheata and Rog{\'e}rio Iope and George Lima and A. K. Mohanty and Tatiana Nikitina and Michal Nov{\'a}k and W. Pokorski and R. Seghal and Oksana Shadura and Sofia Vallecorsa and Sandro Wenzel},
Detector simulation is consuming at least half of the HEP computing cycles, and even so, experiments have to take hard decisions on what to simulate, as their needs greatly surpass the availability of computing resources. New experiments still in the design phase such as FCC, CLIC and ILC as well as upgraded versions of the existing LHC detectors will push further the simulation requirements. Since the increase in computing resources is not likely to keep pace with our needs, it is therefore… CONTINUE READING