The Gaze of the Magus: Sexual/Scopic Politics in the Novels of John Fowles

  title={The Gaze of the Magus: Sexual/Scopic Politics in the Novels of John Fowles},
  author={A. Ferrebe},
  journal={Journal of Narrative Theory},
  pages={207 - 226}
  • A. Ferrebe
  • Published 2004
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Narrative Theory
����� ��� John Fowles’s fiction conducts a complex interplay between the deconstruction and reinscription of traditional gender roles. This intermittent complicity may be aligned with the “scopic politics” of Fowles’s novels; that is, the epistemological structures and power relationships inherent in the act of looking. The way in which the act of looking is both conceived and executed has, it will be asserted, a profound influence upon the narrative structures of Fowles’s work—both within its… Expand
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