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The Garden of Forking Paths

  title={The Garden of Forking Paths},
  author={Jorge luis Borges and Donald A. Yates and Robert R. Snapp},
bBasil Henry Liddell Hart served in the British Army during World War I, fighting on the Western Front. He rose to the rank of Captain, and later in life became a military historian. Serre and Montauban are two towns in northeast France, north of the Somme River. The Battle of the Somme, fought within and across labyrinthine networks of trenches from July 1–Nov. 18, 1916, was one of the bloodiest and most futile episodes in modern warfare, resulting in a net shift of the western front by about… 
The Library of Forking Paths
I BEGIN THIS ESSAY ABOUT JORGE Luis BORGES'S "The Garden of Forking Paths," appropriately enough, with a small confession. I am here engaged in a practice of which I generally disapprove: writing
Hank Morgan in the Garden of Forking Paths: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Alternative History
Commentary on Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court has concentrated overwhelmingly on the social criticism contained in the book-within-a-book, the palimpsest account of Hank
Time, Space, Timespace, Spacetime: Theatre History in Simultaneous Universes
The Garden of Forking Paths is an image, incomplete yet not false, of the universe as Ts'ui Pen conceived it. In contrast to Newton and Schopenhauer, your ancestor did not think of time as uniform
Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier: A Narratological cas limite
You meet an English gentleman at your golf club. He is beefy, full of health, the moral of the boy from an English Public School of the finest type. You discover gradually, that he is hopelessly
The Tragedy of a priori Selectionism: Dennett and Gould on Adaptationism
It is insisted that evolutionary biology is many leveled, complicated, and is carried on an ever shifting and expanding empirical base that when disregarded results in caricature.
Imagining the recursive city: explorations in urban simulacra
This essay argues that digital representation opens a cornucopia of possibilities in representation and communication through a variety of devices which in turn can be embedded in the city, Escher-like, and which indeed are rapidly becoming the city.
Modernism Contested: Gego's Grids and the Aesthetics of Temporality
ion.58 Furthermore, As Julieta Gonzalez writes, Gego’s most notable abandonment of geometric principles in Reticulárea was achieved via her “elimination of a center, [and] accentuation of the
The Transversal Thought of Gilles Deleuze: Encounters and Influences
ion To study the differences between the two processes of reciprocal determination further, I shall turn to two earlier texts. The first is Chapter X of Whitehead’s Science and the Modern World, on
Peirce’s garden of forking metaphors
The philosophic system of the founder of pragmatism Charles Sanders Peirce is rarely grasped from the point of view of its metaphoric usage. However, some of his most original yet often misunderstood
Wither Convergence?: Catching-up in an Era of Diminished Expectations
For the first time since the industrial revolution, emerging economies are the main driver of global economic growth. For all its significance, this cannot be taken as an indicator of global


A History of Chess
Have you ever played chess? Did you know that chess is the oldest skill game in the world? Chess can tell you a great deal about the way people lived in medieval times. If you look at the way a