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The Gaming Board in Indian Chess and Related Board Games : A Terminological Investigation

  title={The Gaming Board in Indian Chess and Related Board Games : A Terminological Investigation},
  author={A. Bock-Raming},
  • A. Bock-Raming
  • Published 2008
  • Our knowledge of Indian gaming boards used for chess and related board games is based to a large extent on textual evidence contained in the mythological literature (e.g. the RÅmÅyaœa; PurÅœic literature); in grammatical and lexicographical works like those of Patañjali and Amara; in various poetical works (e.g. RatnÅkara’s Haravijaya, Amaracandra’s BÅlabhÅrata, BhartŸhari’s VairÅgya±ataka) and in some religious writings of the Buddhists and Jains. All these texts clearly show that already in… CONTINUE READING


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