The Gamification Octalysis Framework within the Primary English Teaching Process: the Quest for a Transformative Classroom

  title={The Gamification Octalysis Framework within the Primary English Teaching Process: the Quest for a Transformative Classroom},
  author={Suzette Duarte Oliveira and Mariolga Reyes Cruz},
  journal={Revista LUs{\'o}fona de Educaç{\~a}o},
The “Kwesukasukela” project, which focuses on African oral tradition storytelling intermingled with the Ubuntu philosophy (Varty, 2013), has as its main aim to stimulate collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, within primary school settings. In fact, through an experiential communicative approach (Fernández-Corbacho, 2014), South African storytelling can become a gamified experience and integrated into English classroom practices as a means of transformation and… 

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