The GRIFFIN Collaborative Virtual Community for Architectural Knowledge Management

  title={The GRIFFIN Collaborative Virtual Community for Architectural Knowledge Management},
  author={Patricia Lago and Rik Farenhorst and Paris Avgeriou and Remco C. de Boer and Viktor Clerc and Anton Jansen and Hans van Vliet},
  booktitle={Collaborative Software Engineering},
Modern software architecting increasingly often takes place in geographically distributed contexts involving teams of professionals and customers with different backgrounds and roles. So far, attention and effort have been mainly dedicated to individuals sharing already formalized knowledge and less to social, informal collaboration. Furthermore, in Web 2.0 contexts, little to no attention has been given to practitioners carrying out complex, collaborative, and knowledge-intensive tasks in… 

Architectural Knowledge Management Practices in Agile Global Software Development

  • V. ClercP. LagoH. V. Vliet
  • Computer Science
    2011 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Global Software Engineering Workshop
  • 2011
A large survey performed at an agile global software development organization, determining what practices for architectural knowledge management in GSD are used in practice, identified one new useful practice: "peered sites", covering a combination of activities that support a balance in decision-making power across sites.

Experiences with Semantic Wikis for Architectural Knowledge Management

  • R. BoerH. V. Vliet
  • Computer Science
    2011 Ninth Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
  • 2011
In this paper, we reflect on our experiences with using semantic wikis for architectural knowledge management in two different contexts: e-government and distributed software development. Whereas our

Tools and Technologies for Architecture Knowledge Management

This chapter surveys the existing tool support and related technologies for different architecture knowledge management strategies, and presents them according to the use cases they offer.

Organizing a software architecture body of knowledge: summary of the 5th SHARK workshop, at ICSE 2010

A fifth workshop on Sharing and Reusing Architectural Knowledge (SHARK) was held jointly with ICSE 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, and the theme was the organization of a body of knowledge for software architecture knowledge management.

Collaborative Software Engineering: Challenges and Prospects

This chapter summarizes the main findings of this book, draws some conclusions on these findings and looks at the prospects for software engineers in dealing with the challenges of collaborative software development.

Do Architectural Knowledge Product Measures Make a Difference in GSD?

  • V. Clerc
  • Computer Science
    2009 Fourth IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering
  • 2009
This work has performed research on a series of software product assessments to identify what key elements that constitute architectural knowledge are actually used in software products and whether a difference exists in the use of the key elements in products that were developed using GSD versus products developed using local, single site development.

Supporting Co-Evolving Architectural Requirements and Design through Traceability and Reasoning

This chapter introduces a general-purpose ontology that has been developed to address the problem of traceability of co-evolving requirements specif cations and architecture design and demonstrates an implementation of semantic wiki that supports traceability.

Lero Technical Report No.TR 2018 06-Challenges and Recommended Practices for Software Architecting in Global Software Development

An understanding of software architecting in the context of GSD is gained in order to develop a framework of challenges and solutions that can be applied in both research and practice, and a concern framework providing concrete questions to aid the design process in a distributed setting is developed.

Tool support for architectural decision making in large software intensive projects

A tool (ADeX) is presented to manage ADDs and support the decision-making process and can answer questions about what decisions have been made and which elements and quality attributes are affected by a decision.



Managing Knowledge in Global Software Development Efforts: Issues and Practices

Outsourcing projects have moved from mundane software maintenance tasks to more complex and significant engagements such as innovative product development, complex system development, and large-scale R+D projects.

A Just-In-Time Architectural Knowledge Sharing Portal

This study discovered that architects are especially in need for 'just-in-time architectural knowledge', and designed and implemented an architectural knowledge sharing portal that supports architects in their decision-making process, by providing easy access to the right architectural knowledge at any given point in time.

First workshop on sharing and reusing architectural knowledge

This workshop report presents the themes of the workshop, it summarizes the results of the discussions held about various topics, and suggests some research topics that are worthwhile to pursue in the future.

Eagle: Effective Tool Support for Sharing Architectural Knowledge

This paper defines the main characteristics of architecting, based on observations in a large software development organization, and state-of-the-art literature in software architecture, and determines how best practices known from knowledge management could be used to improve architectural knowledge sharing.

Architectural Knowlege Management Strategies: Approaches in Research and Industry

A preliminary review on current approaches to architectural knowledge management is presented, and a call for awareness of this gap between intention and reality is made to close this gap through focusing on hybrid approaches.

Architectural Knowledge: Getting to the Core

Different organizations or organizational units are likely to store and maintain different types of information about their software architectures. This inhibits effective management of architectural

Sharing the Architectural Knowledge of Quantitative Analysis

A domain model is presented, which can be used as a common ground among analysts and architects to capture and explicitly share architectural knowledge during analysis and enables a way to overcome some of the obstacles imposed by the multi-disciplinary context in which architectural analysis takes place.

The Architect's Mindset

Survey-based research in the Netherlands is performed to collect feedback on the importance of architectural knowledge for the daily work of practitioners in architecture using two perspectives: the architectural roles practitioners fulfill and the architecture level practitioners are engaged in.

What's your strategy for managing knowledge?

The authors warn that knowledge management should not be isolated in a functional department like HR or IT, and emphasize that the benefits are greatest when a CEO and other general managers actively choose one of the approaches as a primary strategy.

An Ontology of Architectural Design Decisions in Software-Intensive Systems

A possible ontology of architectural design decisions, their attributes and relationships, for complex, software-intensive systems, is presented.