The GRID: The General Repository for Interaction Datasets


We have developed a relational database, called the General Repository for Interaction Datasets (The GRID) to archive and display physical, genetic and functional interactions. The GRID displays data-rich interaction tables for any protein of interest, combines literature-derived and high-throughput interaction datasets, and is readily accessible via the web. Interactions parsed in The GRID can be viewed in graphical form with a versatile visualization tool called Osprey.

DOI: 10.1186/gb-2003-4-3-r23

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@article{Breitkreutz2002TheGT, title={The GRID: The General Repository for Interaction Datasets}, author={Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz and Chris Stark and Mike Tyers}, journal={Genome Biology}, year={2002}, volume={4}, pages={R23 - R23} }