The GRAVITY young stellar object survey: II. First spatially resolved observations of the CO bandhead emission in a high-mass YSO

  title={The GRAVITY young stellar object survey: II. First spatially resolved observations of the CO bandhead emission in a high-mass YSO},
  author={Gravity Collaboration A. Caratti o Garatti and R Fedriani and R. Garcia L'opez and Maria Koutoulaki and Karine Perraut and Hendrik Linz and Wolfgang Brandner and P. Garcia and Lucia Klarmann and Tilo Henning and Lucas Labadie and Joel Sanchez-Bermudez and Bernard Lazareff and E. F. van Dishoeck and Paolo Caselli and P. Tim de Zeeuw and Arthur Bik and Myriam Benisty and Catherine Dougados and Tom P. Ray and A. Amorim and Jean-Philippe Berger and Yann Cl'enet and Vincent Coud{\'e} du Foresto and Gilles Duvert and Andreas Eckart and Frank Eisenhauer and F. Gao and Eric Gendron and Reinhard Genzel and Stefan Gillessen and P. Gordo and Laurent Jocou and Matthew Horrobin and P. Kervella and Stephen LaCour and J.-B. Le Bouquin and Pierre L'ena and Rebekka Grellmann and Teodora Ott and Thibaut Paumard and Gilles Perrin and Guillaune Rousset and S. Scheithauer and Jinyi Shangguan and J. Stadler and O. Straub and Christian Straubmeier and Eckhard Sturm and W-.F. Thi and Fr'ed'eric H. Vincent and F. Widmann Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and University College Dublin and School of Cosmic Physics and Department of Space and EarthEnvironment and Chalmers University of Technology and European Southern Observatory and Univ. Grenoble Alpes and Cnrs and Ipag and Universidade do Porto and Centra and Chile. and Physikalisches Institut and Universitat zu Koln and Instituto de Astronom'ia and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics and Department of Physics Astronomy and Stockholm University and Leiden Observatory and Leiden University and Lesia and Observatoire de Paris and Psl research university and Department of Physics and Le Conte Hall and University of California},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
  • Gravity Collaboration A. Caratti o Garatti, R Fedriani, +77 authors University of California
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • The inner regions of the discs of high-mass young stellar objects (HMYSOs) are still poorly known due to the small angular scales and the high visual extinction involved. We deploy near-infrared (NIR) spectro-interferometry to probe the inner gaseous disc in HMYSOs and investigate the origin and physical characteristics of the CO bandhead emission (2.3-2.4 $\mu$m). We present the first GRAVITY/VLTI observations at high spectral (R=4000) and spatial (mas) resolution of the CO overtone… CONTINUE READING

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