The GOP’s Abortion Strategy: Why Pro-Choice Republicans Became Pro-Life in the 1970s

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Strategies to Strengthening Abortion Protections in State Legislatures: An Investigation into the Passage of Illinois House Bill 40
Through an investigation into the passage of Illinois House Bill 40 in 2017, this study seeks to identify best practices to passing pro-choice legislation in state legislatures. By analyzing 39
Feminist allies and strategic partners
Western political parties have been in decline in recent decades and they continue to be viewed as male institutions. Despite this, electoral politics is important to the women’s movement as a means
Collective narcissism and weakening of American democracy
Striving to Rollback or Protect Roe: State Legislation and the Trump-Era Politics of Abortion
Abortion’s centrality to the Christian Right, together with that movement’s importance to Republican Party politics, as well as the policy realities of abortion, have all combined to make regulating
Technology and Scientific Authority in United States Abortion Policy: Concerns Over a Mechanistic Approach and a Better Way Forward
Building on the pragmatist philosophical tradition and work done by scholars in the field of feminist technological studies, this paper considers abortion as a case study to examine how science and
Before Reagan: The Development of Abortion’s Partisan Divide
What explains the alignment of antiabortion positions within the Republican party? I explore this development among voters, activists, and elites before 1980. By 1970, antiabortion attitudes among
Before Reagan : The Development of the Partisan Divide on Abortion ∗
What explains the alignment of anti-abortion positions within the Republican party? I explore this development among voters, activists and elites before 1980. By 1969-1970, anti-abortion attitudes
Women’s Rights and Unborn Life: The Development of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Activists’ World Views
Since the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in the Unites States, the debate over abortion has been a prominent feature of the American political landscape. While much


Th e terms “pro-choice
  • Th e Great Divide: Religious and Cultural Confl ict in American Party Politics
  • 2001
White Protestant Nation: The Rise of the American Conservative Movement
Spanning nearly 100 years of American political history, and abounding with outsized characters--from Lindbergh to Goldwater to Gingrich to Abramoff--this work offers a penetrating look at the
Wrath Of Angels: The American Abortion War
Inception * Before Roe * The Struggle for Roe Quickening * The Father of Rescue: John OKeefe * The Father of Violence: Michael Bray * The New Militants: Joseph Scheidler, Francis Schaeffer, and Jerry
Abortion: Evidence of an Issue Evolution
Theory: Using Carmines and Stimson's issue evolution model of partisan change, I argue that the abortion issue has transformed the two major United States political parties and that this process
Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade
"Liberty and Sexuality" is a definitive account of the legal and political struggles that created the right to privacy and won constitutional protection for a woman's right to choose abortion. Roe v.
Who Chooses?: American Reproductive History since 1830
In 1860, the American Medical Association launched a campaign to convince state legislatures to prohibit abortions. Until 1973's Roe v. Wade, abortion was often seen as a crime. "Who Chooses?"