The GEO stabilized laser system and the current-lock technique

  title={The GEO stabilized laser system and the current-lock technique},
  author={Benno Willke and Oliver Sascha Brozek and Karsten Danzmann and Carsten Fallnich and Stefan Gossler and Harald Lueck and Kasem Mossavi and Volker Quetschke and Herbert Welling and Ivo Zawischa},
This talk will give an overview over the GEO 600 laser-diode pumped Nd:YAG laser system. After an introduction which defines the requirements, we describe the laser design and the laser frequency stabilization scheme. Due to its low power noise in the radio frequency region and due to its good spatial beam quality, an injection-locked master-slave design is used for the GEO 600 laser. This laser system has an output power of 12 W and a good spatial profile (M2⩽1.05). A monolithic non-planar… CONTINUE READING


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