The GEDNAP blind trial concept part II. Trends and developments


This article presents a review of the developments in the GEDNAP blind trials over the period covering the past 10 years (1993–2003), demonstrating the changing approach to DNA investigations in the European community as a whole. The results of the trials also identify the most common types of error encountered which can also occur during routine DNA typing and ways of recognising such errors are suggested.

DOI: 10.1007/s00414-003-0421-4

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@article{Rand2003TheGB, title={The GEDNAP blind trial concept part II. Trends and developments}, author={Stephen Rand and Marianne Schuerenkamp and Carsten Hohoff and Bernd Brinkmann}, journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine}, year={2003}, volume={118}, pages={83-89} }