The GDC – lifting the lid. Part 2: registration


This second part of the BDJ series on the work and future plans of the General Dental Council looks at the GDC's role in the registration of dental professionals. To dentists, registration is perhaps the most immediately obvious aspect of the GDC's work. The article gives an in-depth look at this important area, introducing the reader to some of those involved with registration enquiries and looking at some of the more complex issues involved with registration, including the process of dealing with registration applications from overseas.

DOI: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2008.465

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@article{Mathewson2008TheG, title={The GDC – lifting the lid. Part 2: registration}, author={Hew Mathewson and David M Rudkin}, journal={BDJ}, year={2008}, volume={204}, pages={639-641} }