The GC box as a silencer.

  title={The GC box as a silencer.},
  author={Jacek M. Jankowski and Gordon H. Dixon},
  journal={Bioscience reports},
  volume={7 12},
A DNA control sequence GTGGGCGGGGCAAT, or the "GC" box, has been described in the promoter regions upstream of a number of eukaryotic genes transcribed by polymerase II (for review, see Dynan, W.S. and Tjian, R., Nature 316:774, 1985). The "GC" box can occur in single or multiple copies and is the binding site for a protein factor, Sp1, which activates initiation of transcription. We have observed in the rainbow trout protamine gene 3' to the TATA box, three "GC" boxes spaced at 80 bp intervals… CONTINUE READING