The GAR domain of GAS2L3 mediates binding to the chromosomal passenger complex and is required for localization of GAS2L3 to the constriction zone during abscission

  title={The GAR domain of GAS2L3 mediates binding to the chromosomal passenger complex and is required for localization of GAS2L3 to the constriction zone during abscission},
  author={M. Fackler and P. Wolter and S. Gaubatz},
  journal={The FEBS Journal},
GAS2L3 is a recently identified tubulin‐ and actin‐binding protein that regulates cytokinesis and abscission. In this study we show that GAS2L3 interacts with the chromosomal passenger complex (CPC), which plays key roles in mitosis and cytokinesis. Biochemical assays show that GAS2L3 directly interacts with the C‐terminus of borealin and the N‐terminus of survivin. We find that the interaction between these two CPC subunits and GAS2L3 is mediated by the conserved GAR domain of GAS2L3. We… Expand
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Gas2l3, a Novel Constriction Site-Associated Protein Whose Regulation Is Mediated by the APC/CCdh1 Complex
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GAS2L3, a target gene of the DREAM complex, is required for proper cytokinesis and genomic stability
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