The GALEX Ultraviolet Atlas of Nearby Galaxies

  title={The GALEX Ultraviolet Atlas of Nearby Galaxies},
  author={Armando Gil de Paz and Samuel Boissier and Barry F. Madore and Mark Seibert and Young Hoon Joe and Alessandro Boselli and Ted K. Wyder and David A. Thilker and Luciana Bianchi and Soo-Chang Rey and Robert Michael Rich and Tom A. Barlow and Tim Conrow and Karl G. Forster and Peter G. Friedman and D. Christopher Martin and Patrick Francis Morrissey and Susan Gale Neff and David Schiminovich and Todd A. Small and Jos'e Donas and Timothy M. Heckman and Y.-W. Lee and B. Milliard and Alexander S. Szalay and S. Yi Carnegie Observatories and Dept. Astrofisica and Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Spain. and Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille and France. and Nasaipac Extragalactic Database and Caltech and Yonsei University and J Korea and Johns Hopkins University and Ucla and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Columbia University},
  journal={Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series},
We present images, integrated photometry, and surface-brightness and color profiles for a total of 1034 nearby galaxies recently observed by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) satellite in its far-ultraviolet (FUV; λ_(eff) = 1516 A) and near-ultraviolet (NUV; λ_(eff) = 2267 A) bands. Our catalog of objects is derived primarily from the GALEX Nearby Galaxies Survey (NGS) supplemented by galaxies larger than 1' in diameter serendipitously found in these fields and in other GALEX exposures of… 

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