The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives

  title={The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives},
  author={Banco Africano de Desarrollo and Banque Africaine de D{\'e}veloppement and Banco Asi{\'a}tico de Desarrollo and Banque Asiatique de D{\'e}veloppement and Banco Asi{\'a}tico de Desenvolvimento and Banco Europeo para la Reconstrucci{\'o}n y el Desarrollo and Banque Europ{\'e}enne pour la Reconstruction et le D{\'e}veloppement and Banco Europeu para a Reconstruç{\~a}o e o Desenvolvimento and Banque Interam{\'e}ricaine de D{\'e}veloppement and Banco interamericano de Desenvolvimento},
Recent technological innovation in fields such as robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence have reduced the number of workers required in a range of sectors, while lowering costs and increasing reliability. This trend has led policymakers, academics, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to ask what types of jobs will be most affected, what new skillsets will be needed for the jobs of tomorrow, and how governments can ease the transition. “The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives” considers how… CONTINUE READING