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The Future of Ideas

  title={The Future of Ideas},
  author={Lawrence Lessig},
The future of technological law: The machine state
The theory that the inherent characteristics of technology will become inherent within the digitisation of law is posits, as law becomes an increasingly digital entity, it will become more concerned with perfect reproduction of law upon the person, and so more encompassing in its scope. Expand
Modular exaptation: A missing link in the synthesis of artificial form
Exaptation, the cooption of existing technologies for emergent functions, is an important but neglected mechanism for innovation. Exaptation may enable an existing technology to (a) construct a newExpand
Traffic Jam on the Music Highway: Is it a Reproduction or a Performance?
The American copyright system separately protects the sounds in music recordings and the words and music of the underlying musical composition upon which they are based; separate rights are furtherExpand
The pixel as property
The Pixel as Property is an examination of graphic design as a mode of production and its relations to three subjects: copyright, representation and ownership. My major research project in theExpand
W Visions and Views Visions and Views Visions and Views
hile cash and its equivalents let us objec-tify commercial transactions, money, a medium of exchange, is simply information. 1 Provisioning bandwidth in an actuarially consistent manner has manyExpand
Four combinations of litter and carcasses from broiler chickens were examined utilizing a thermophilic, stirredtank digester of demonstration size of approximately 10,000 gal. Under computed optimalExpand
Summary and Reflections Upon Further Developments
This concluding chapter summarizes the preceding chapters, using a common structure, which throughout the chapters highlights their main focus, key/novel concepts, approach/empirical data, mainExpand
The Network Neutrality Debate in the US: The FCC's Regulatory Transformation in Broadband Policy
Over the past decade, the national communications agency in America, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), went through a period of significant regulatory transformation in the area ofExpand
The Dark Knight under revision
The intellectual property structure of mainstream superhero comics publishing companies opens the door for artists and writers to generate multi-layered narratives that build on pre-existing storiesExpand