The Fusarium graminearum Genome Reveals a Link Between Localized Polymorphism and Pathogen Specialization

  title={The Fusarium graminearum Genome Reveals a Link Between Localized Polymorphism and Pathogen Specialization},
  author={C. Cuomo and U. G{\"u}ldener and Jin-Rong Xu and F. Trail and B. Turgeon and A. Di Pietro and J. Walton and L. Ma and S. Baker and M. Rep and G. Adam and J. Antoniw and T. Baldwin and S. Calvo and Y. Chang and David DeCaprio and L. R. Gale and S. Gnerre and R. Goswami and K. Hammond-Kosack and L. J. Harris and Karen Hilburn and J. Kennell and S. Kroken and J. Magnuson and G. Mannhaupt and E. Mauceli and H.-Werner Mewes and R. Mitterbauer and G. Muehlbauer and M. M{\"u}nsterk{\"o}tter and D. Nelson and K. O'Donnell and T. Ouellet and W. Qi and H. Quesneville and M. I. Roncero and Kyeyong Seong and I. Tetko and M. Urban and C. Waalwijk and T. Ward and J. Yao and B. Birren and H. C. Kistler},
  pages={1400 - 1402}
  • C. Cuomo, U. Güldener, +42 authors H. C. Kistler
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • We sequenced and annotated the genome of the filamentous fungus Fusarium graminearum, a major pathogen of cultivated cereals. Very few repetitive sequences were detected, and the process of repeat-induced point mutation, in which duplicated sequences are subject to extensive mutation, may partially account for the reduced repeat content and apparent low number of paralogous (ancestrally duplicated) genes. A second strain of F. graminearum contained more than 10,000 single-nucleotide… CONTINUE READING
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