The Fundamentals of Policy Crowdsourcing

  title={The Fundamentals of Policy Crowdsourcing},
  author={John Prpic and Araz Taeihagh and James Melton},
  journal={Information Technology \& Systems eJournal},
What is the state of the research on crowdsourcing for policymaking? This article begins to answer this question by collecting, categorizing, and situating an extensive body of the extant research ... 
Crowdsourcing Government: Lessons from Multiple Disciplines
Crowdsourcing has proliferated across disciplines and professional fields. Implementers in the public sector face practical challenges, however, in the execution of crowdsourcing. This review
Collective Intelligence in Law Reforms: When the Logic of the Crowds and the Logic of Policymaking Collide
  • Tanja Aitamurto
  • Political Science
    2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
  • 2016
This paper shows how the two virtues of collective intelligence -- cognitive diversity and large crowds -- turn into perils in crowdsourced policymaking. That is because of a conflict between the
Examination of crowdsourcing as a tool for policy making
– Crowdsourcing is rapidly evolving and applied in situations where ideas, labour, opinion or expertise of large groups of people are used. Crowdsourcing is now used in various policy making
Crowdsourcing: a new tool for policy-making?
Questions surrounding the role of crowdsourcing and whether it can be considered as a policy tool or as a technological enabler are addressed and the current trends and future directions of Crowdsourcing are investigated.
Explaining Government Crowdsourcing Decisions
Crowdsourcing online has been popularly utilized especially among business organizations to achieve efficiency and effectiveness goals and to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. With the
Crowdsourced Democratic Deliberation in Open Policymaking: Definition, Promises, Challenges
While crowdsourced democratic deliberation is becoming more common in open policymaking, it remains unclear what its value and role is — and should be, and could be — in policymaking. This paper
Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Public Policy from Stakeholders
This paper introduces perspective-taking as an approach for personal deliberation by helping users consider stakeholder perspectives on policy issues and suggests that PolicyScape could collect diverse sets of perspectives from the stakeholders of public policies, and help participants discover unexpected viewpoints of various stakeholder groups.
Business models innovation based on crowds: a comparative study
It is shown that having crowds as a key asset implies a necessity to take care of the crowd and network effect before launching a crowdsourcing initiative and gives those involved in crowdsourcing insight about factors crucial for their company and points to where they need to concentrate their resources.
Crowdsourced Intelligence (Crosint): Using Crowds for National Security
This article argues that crowdsourcing is a unique discipline – Crowdsourced Intelligence (CROSINT) – that does not fully overlap with any of the other disciplines.


Crowdsourcing the Policy Cycle
Crowdsourcing is beginning to be used for policymaking, and the “wisdom of crowds” and crowdsourcing are seen as new avenues that can shape all kinds of policy.
Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business
A new concept has emerged that is changing the way the business world operates and many research and development (R&D) problems in a particular area are being solved.
A Computational Model of Crowds for Collective Intelligence
Can Crowds serve as useful allies in policy design? How do non-expert Crowds perform relative to experts in the assessment of policy measures? Does the geographic location of non-expert Crowds, wit
Five Design Principles for Crowdsourced Policymaking: Assessing the Case of Crowdsourced Off-Road Traffic Law in Finland
This article reports a pioneering case study of a crowdsourced law-reform process in Finland. In the crowdsourcing experiment, the public was invited to contribute to the law-reform process by
Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving
An introduction to crowdsourcing is provided, both its theoretical grounding and exemplar cases, taking care to distinguish crowdsourcing from open source production.
The Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in International Development
This paper, originally produced in longer format for the World Bank Group, is meant to be a primer on crowdsourcing as an informational resource for development, crisis response, and post-conflict
Crowdsourcing and regulatory reviews: A new way of challenging red tape in British government?
Much has been said about the appeal of digital government devices to enhance consultation on rulemaking. This paper explores the most ambitious attempt by the UK central government so far to draw on
Argument-Based Policy Consultation Through Crowd Sourcing
An on-going project investigating the use of crowdsourcing in policy consultation, which involves a number of discrete stages and has looked especially at question design, the generation of suitable test data and the suitability of various aggregation algorithms.
Policy Analysis in Canada
Policy Analysis in Canada brings together original contributions from many of the field’s leading scholars. Contributors chronicle the evolution of policy analysis in Canada over the past fifty years