The French resistance

  title={The French resistance},
  author={Olivier Wieviorka and Jane Marie Todd},
Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not and will not go out. As Charles de Gaulle ended his radio address to the French nation in June 1940, listeners must have felt a surge of patriotism tinged with uncertainty. Who would keep the flame burning through dark years of occupation? At what cost?Olivier Wieviorka presents a comprehensive history of the French Resistance, synthesizing its social, political, and military aspects to offer fresh insights into its operation. Detailing… 
Introduction – Beyond de Gaulle and beyond London: the French external resistance and its international networks
Abstract The aim of this special issue is to explore the history of the French external Resistance through its international networks. This introduction argues that we should think about the
Eclipse in the dark years: pick-up flights, routes of resistance and the Free French
Abstract This article charts the importance of clandestine flights from Britain into Occupied France during the Second World War as a route of resistance. These pick-up flights were coordinated from
"The Kindness of Uncle Sam"?: American Aid to France and the Politics of Postwar Relief, 1944-1948
This dissertation contributes to literature on postwar philanthropy and the Franco-American relationship. It examines the private voluntary relief organization, American Aid to France (AAF), which
‘He didn’t really talk about it’: the (re)construction and transmission of a Free French past
ABSTRACT This article examines the wartime experience of Hilaire Marteau, a teenage member of Charles de Gaulle’s Free French who settled in Liverpool after the war. Marteau’s tale has all the
Resistance Resurgent: Resurrecting a Method of Irregular Warfare in Great Power Competition
ABSTRACT The U.S. has spent the last two decades, during its short time as the singular superpower, engaging relatively successfully in counterterrorism. However, we have now entered a new era of
Religion in Vichy France: How Meso-Level Actors Contribute to Authoritarian Legitimation
  • Aliza Luft
  • Sociology
    European Journal of Sociology
  • 2020
Abstract Research on authoritarian legitimation suggests that rulers seek support through ideological, personalistic, performance-based, and procedural strategies. Typically, however, this work only
The Political Experiment of “Pot-Boylers”: Thinking, Feeling, and Romance in Kay Boyle’s Resistance Thriller Avalanche
“Kay Boyle has sold the Left Bank down the river” (“Pot-Boyler” 97). So opens a brief, unattributed review in Time Magazine of Avalanche: A Novel of Love and Espionage, a thriller by the
Heroes and Villains: The Effects of Combat Heroism on Autocratic Values and Nazi Collaboration in France
We measure the effects of a network of heroes in legitimizing and diffusing extreme political behaviors. Exploiting newly-declassified intelligence files, novel voting data and regimental histories,
Abstract Self-serving hegemonic visions of history are institutionalized by dominant memory entrepreneurs, simultaneously imposing an authoritative version of “what happened” and their right to
Divine Punishment and Decadence
This chapter describes how the concepts of divine punishment and decadence have been used to explain the fall of France, from the first days of the disaster to the present day. The hierarchy of the