The French army at Gallipoli

  title={The French army at Gallipoli},
  author={Matthew Hughes},
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  • M. Hughes
  • Published 1 June 2005
  • History
  • The RUSI Journal
Special feature: extracting geography from cartoons in a war context
This paper reports on the initial stages of research that is investigating the geographical content of cartoons from the First World War, and particularly those cartoons that relate to the GallipoliExpand
An Investigation of Maps and Cartographic Artefacts of the Gallipoli Campaign 1915: Military, Commercial and Personal
Producing maps and related representations of geography in warfare provides information about the terrain and the positions of troops. They are also used in strategic planning and as operationalExpand
The effects of the Gallipoli campaign on Turkish child survivors in Anatolia
The Gallipoli Campaign was one of the hardest fought wars in modern human history. A manmade disaster that occurred exactly 100 years ago on a narrow geographic strip on the Gallipoli peninsula, itExpand
The geography of World War I cartoons: Gallipoli
We have traditionally used maps to provide information about space. We have fashioned a design, development, fabrication and consumption process (and associated procedures) that have enabledExpand


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  • For a full account of the French at Galfipoli, readers should see the excellent chapter by DavId Dutton In Jenny MacLeod (ed.), Reconsidering Galfipoli
  • 2004
The Ottoman Crisis of May 1915 at Gallipoli
The article first considers the difficulties and potential of researching the Gallipoli/Canakkale campaign in the General Staff archives in Ankara, Turkey. Attention is paid to the Ottoman (Turkish)Expand
The Ottoman Crisis ofMay 1915 at Gallipoli'
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Reply to Piccone and Ulmen
One of the risks of slicing the conceptual world differently than is the current fashion is the likelihood of being firmly stuffed into old categories no matter how hard one tries to stay out ofExpand
Command and Leadership Styles in the British Army: The 1915 Gallipoli Model
Thinking Department’, which might have brought Hamilton closer to his very belated recognition that indeed ’tactics had swallowed up strategy’. 67 Hamilton and Haig also shared the sameExpand
Avec les combattants de 1915 dans la presqui'ile de gallipoli
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