The French and Haitian Revolutions, and resistance to slavery in the Americas : an overview

  title={The French and Haitian Revolutions, and resistance to slavery in the Americas : an overview},
  author={David P. Geggus},
Cet article offre un apercu des conspirations et des revoltes d'esclaves aux Ameriques pendant la cinquantaine d'annees suivant le debut de la Revolution francaise. Selon la these avancee par Eugene Genovese dans Front Rebellion to Revolution, cette periode temoigna l'emergence d'un nouveau type d'insurrection d'esclaves vraiment revolutionnaire et de caractere bourgeois-democratique. L'influence des Revolutions francaise et haitienne sur la resistance a l'esclavage semble bien avoir ete assez… 
Identités raciales et production du politique : la construction d'Haïti en tant que problème public dans l'imaginaire social caribéen : études comparées sur la Jamaique et la Guadeloupe
Ce travail propose une analyse comparee portant sur la construction d’Haiti en tant queprobleme public en Jamaique et en Guadeloupe au cours des annees 2000. Un premierfacteur de politisation observe
The Fear of French Negroes: Transcolonial Collaboration in the Revolutionary Americas
Author(s): Johnson, Sara E. | Abstract: The Fear of French Negroes is an interdisciplinary study that explores how people of African descent responded to the collapse and reconsolidation of colonial
‘Savages in the midst’: revolutionary Haiti in international society (1791–1838)
In 1804, the former French colony of Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, became independent. The first modern state born of a successful slave revolt was then isolated diplomatically until well into the 19th
White Jacobins/Black Jacobins: Bringing the Haitian and French Revolutions Together in the Classroom
Historians of France are used to making difficult choices as they plan and revise their courses on the Revolution. The pre-Revolution, the post-Revolution, the economic, social, intellectual,
The transition from slavery to free wage Labour in the Caribbean, 1780–1890: A survey with particular reference to recent scholarship
The study of the transition from slavery to wage labour and related transformations throughout the Caribbean sphere is greatly more complicated but potentially more rewarding than examining the
Missverhältnisse. Nietzsche und die Sklaverei
Abstract Like Hegel, Marx and Engels, Nietzsche has made the Haitian Revolution “unthinkable” (Michel-Rolph Trouillot). He provokes his readers by justifying slavery in the ancient and in the modern
Reproduction and Miscegenation
  • History
    The Holocaust and New World Slavery
  • 2019
The analysis of slave reproduction in this chapter has one purpose: to contrast the Th ird Reich’s defi ning, uncompromising desire to destroy the Jewish People and foreclose the possibility of there
Widerstands- und Gewaltforschung, überkreuz
  • I. Därmann
  • Sociology
    Kulturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift
  • 2019
Abstract This is a plea to interlink Resistance Studies and Violence Studies. Instead of invastigating the efficiency of violence alone and declaring violence absolutely and completely in and on its
European Colonialism since 1700
1. Introduction 2. The European empires in the early eighteenth century 3. The restructuring of the Atlantic empires 4. The new empires in Oceania and Asia 5. Africa and the Middle East 6. Imperial
American Slave Law
  • History
    The Holocaust and New World Slavery
  • 2019