The French Response to the Vietnamese Nationalist Movement, 1905-14

  title={The French Response to the Vietnamese Nationalist Movement, 1905-14},
  author={J. Kim Munholland},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={655 - 675}
Before the First World War the French rulers of Vietnam saw themselves as "liberal" imperialists. That is, while their primary concern was to develop the colony of Indochina for the benefit of French colons and investors, they believed that they could simultaneously promote the greater welfare and prosperity of the Vietnamese people who had fallen under French authority. The prewar governors-general of Indochina had ties with the dominant French radical party in the metropole, and they intended… 
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Indochine NS 14; French consul, Hong Kong, to foreign minister

    ANSOM Indochine NF 687; foreign minister to French minister

      ANSOM Indochine NF 605; French vice-consul, Lung-chou, to governor-general

        Colonial minister to war minister

        • ANSOM Indochine NF 687

        65 Governor-general to colonial minister

        • ANSOM Indochine NF

        Indochine NS 13; French consul, Hong Kong, to governor-general

        • MAE Corr. pol