The French Enlightenment Network*

  title={The French Enlightenment Network*},
  author={Maria Teodora Comsa and Melanie Conroy and Dan Edelstein and Chloe Edmondson and Claude Willan},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={495 - 534}
“What was the Enlightenment” is a question scholars have been asking since the eighteenth century, but far less often has it been asked who the Enlightenment was.Who were the members of the social, professional, and academic classes that made up the Enlightenment? Who was in and, by extension, who was out? Much is known about the primary producers of Enlightenment works, from the famed philosophes to some of the lesser-known authors (e.g., in France, the Encyclopédistes, the Grub Street writers… Expand
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  • Computer Science
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