The French Academy of Sciences in the nineteenth century

  title={The French Academy of Sciences in the nineteenth century},
  author={Maurice P. Crosland},
The Academie des sciences1 represented the greatest concentration of scientific talent in nineteenth-century France. The statement can be readily substantiated by examining a list of some of the names of major scientists who were members: A. M. Ampere, D. F. J. Arago, Henri Becquerel, Claude Bernard, Marcellin Berthelot, C. L. Berthollet, Augustin Cauchy, Georges Cuvier, Jean-Baptiste Dumas, Joseph Fourier, Augustin Fresnel, J. L. Gay-Lussac, Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, R. J. Haiiy, A. L… 
The Ordeal of Vocation: The Paris Academy of Sciences and the Terror, 1793–95
  • D. Outram
  • History
    History of science; an annual review of literature, research and teaching
  • 1983
This paper is a consideration of the complex historiography surrounding the fate of French science, and the Academy of Sciences in particular, and began to be created in the weeks immediately following the fall of Robespierre, and was deeply influenced by contemporary and later discussions on the meaning of the Terror.
Poisson's Memoirs on Electricity: Academic Politics and a New Style in Physics
  • R. Home
  • Physics
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1983
Siméon Denis Poisson (1781–1840) was a major figure in French science throughout the first forty years of the nineteenth century. Though his papers lack the brilliant mathematical creativity of some
The French Academy of Sciences: Deliberations related to the discovery of anaesthesia
Recognition of surgical anaesthesia by the French Academy of Sciences and the swift adoption of its use in surgical practice throughout the country lent credibility to this new discovery and enabled the discipline of surgery to progress.
Scientists As Intellectuals: The Early Victorians
VEN though it is somewhat arbitrary and artificial to demarcate an E age I will take "early Victorian" to refer to the two decades from 1830 to 1850-roughly the period from the first Reform Bill to
On the military and the exact sciences in France
Etude des interets militaires francais dans les sciences exactes au cours des deux derniers siecles. De la fin de l'ancien regime a la premiere guerre mondiale, l'A. mesure le phenomene de
Constructing Symbolic Spaces: Chemical Molecules in the Académie Des Sciences
La theorie des substitutions de Dumas (J.B.) qui consistait a remplacer l'hydrogene electropositif par un element electronegatif tels que le chlore ou l'oxygene s'opposa au XIX e siecle a la doctrine
Comparative Education Bibliography
  • Y. Lulat
  • History
    Comparative Education Review
  • 1979
This bibliography includes all articles in the journals listed below for the period January June 1978. In a few cases, all of the relevant issues of journals were not available and may be missing in
Science and the State