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The Free Rider as a Basis for Government Intervention

  title={The Free Rider as a Basis for Government Intervention},
  author={Ernest C. Pasour},
The "free rider problem," arising from the fact that an individual may be able to obtain the benefits of a good without contributing to the cost, is discussed in a number of different contexts. In the case of a "public good" where the provider cannot exclude, a good which others provide for themselves will also be provided to the free rider. In the public good view of charity, for example, each donor is said to have an incentive to hold down his own contribution and free ride on the… 

Zakat: A Case Study of Constraining Free Riding in Charity

When the private incentives faced by individuals in a society are not properly aligned with their shared goals, a collective action problem arises. This paper focuses on the free-rider problem of

Tragedy of the Partnership: A Critique of Elinor Ostrom

Elinor Ostrom thinks she has discovered a third way apart from private and government property: the commons. In her view, there is no “tragedy” associated with this third option. The present article


This paper applies Coase's (1937) theory of the firm to study public good provision. It compares three methods of public good provision: (1) collective provision, where users organize themselves to

Negative effects of US taxation

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to criticize the current US tax system and explain in what ways taxation harms the economy. Taxes are coercive. Taxpayers are forced to pay individual income

Private Property Rights, Government Interventionism and Welfare Economics

Abstract We develop a critique of government interventionism based on the Misesian calculation argument against socialism. If private property rights and relative prices based on supply and demand

Capacity Mechanisms: An Intervention Needed in Failing Markets?

The author discusses capacity mechanisms from a European and Swiss perspective. Such mechanisms may serve as a potential remedy for perceived problems in the energy market. These potential problems

The Future of Equity Crowdfunding - Is "The Crowd" Capable of Good Investment?

Applying traditional Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance theories, the purpose of this paper is to examine “the crowd’s” capability of being a good investor. Our main finding is that “the

Legal Monocentrism and the Paradox of Government

In this paper I shall argue that, in contrast to its monocentric counterpart, only the institutional framework of legal polycentrism can overcome the problem of the so-called “paradox of government”

Libertarian Perspectives on the Ethics of Taxation

We provide a survey of significant libertarian contributions to the discussion surrounding ethics and taxation. By significant contributions, we mean those which have exerted a strong influence both

The economics and ethics of public goods : a praxeological analysis

ing from other qualities that any actual entrepreneur undoubtedly possesses (race, age, weight, height, hair color, etc.). Such non-precisive abstractions, although certainly omitting “the common and



The Free-Rider Problem: A Survey

A number of recent papers have developed a variety of ways of overcoming the free-rider problem. This essay presents a survey and exposition of these contributions and suggests that the free-rider

Pareto optimality as a guide to income redistribution

ConclusionsThe concept of Pareto optimal redistribution schemes based on interdependent utilities and public goods theory is of little practical significance to real world redistribution issues. A

The Problem of Externality

ON the modern research agenda externalities occupy a rather prominent position. The increasing complexity of modern technology and society seems to create yet additional unwanted side effects that

Some Reflections on Syndicalism

Students of social science must fear popular approval; evil is with them when all men speak well of them. If there is any set of opinions by the advocacy of which a newspaper can increase its sales,