The Frazerian roots of contemporary theories of religion and violence

  title={The Frazerian roots of contemporary theories of religion and violence},
  author={Robert A. Segal},
  pages={25 - 4}
  • R. Segal
  • Published 1 March 2007
  • Sociology
  • Religion
Can a Critic Be a Caretaker too? Religion, Conflict, and Conflict Transformation
This article argues that Russell McCutcheon's notion of the religion scholar as a critic is crucial for envisioning a distinct relevance to the academic study of religion in multidisciplinary
The true testaments of injustice towards women
  • Mychelle Afbano
  • Sociology
    International research journal of management, IT and social sciences
  • 2019
The objective of this paper is to go through some personal narratives of women to hear their voices from within and to present coherence and draw parallelism in their thought process. It is done


Violence and the Sacred
The figure of Vjazeslav Ivanov as a poet’s poet and the magus of Symbolism in Russia has eclipsed his figure as author of two brilliant studies of the cult of Dionysus, the first of which is The
Death and Rebirth
LORD RAGLAN dedicates this book to the memory of A. M. Hocart, the most original anthropologist of this century, whose “Kingship” (Oxford, 1927) and “Kings and Councillors” (Cairo, 1936) are still
Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual
"Tantalizingly rich ...this is a splendid book." (Greece and Rome). "Burken relegates his learned documentation to the notes and writes in a lively and fluent style. The book is recommended as a
Konrad Lorenz's Ethological Theory, 1939-1943: 'Explanations' of Human Thinking, Feeling and Behaviour
By 1939 Konrad Lorenz’s ethological theory had undergone its first major revision.’ Instinctive behaviour was no longer explained as being caused by the operations of unfelt reflexes triggered off by
On aggression.
Beide Theorien mit allgemein zugänglichen lebenspraktischen Er-fahrungen (dem gesunden Menschenverstand) übereinzustimmen schei-nen, ist das eigentliCh Fatale der von ihnen geschürte Glaube an die Un-vermeidbarkeit.
Man and aggression.
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The scapegoat.
  • L. Roberts
  • Medicine
    Nursing mirror and midwives journal
  • 1976
Introducing a new hobby for other people may inspire them to join with you, but many people are not interested in this hobby.
To Double Business Bound.
Students must learn the subject matter and conventions of their majors but must also become part of a larger knowledge community in order to understand disciplinary processes and conventions from a
On Greek Religion.
The Golden Bough. One-volume abridgment
  • 1922