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The Four Global Distribution Systems in the Travel and Tourism Industry

  title={The Four Global Distribution Systems in the Travel and Tourism Industry},
  author={Karsten K{\"a}rcher},
  journal={Electronic Markets},
the help of powerful internal Client/Server systems. As in the past, customers now go back to calling the airline directly and pay there and then with their credit card. This aggressive procedure has forced many other airlines to also make direct reservations and by-pass the CRSs. Some carriers, such as Swissair, have come to an agreement with major travel agent chains which then can make their reservations directly in the system of the respective airline. Some of the major travel agents like… 

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USA SABRE Distribution Services, USA

  • SABRE Computer Services (SCS)

Far East Asia (built in 1989

  • 100% Qantas Airways Limited) SITAR, India (100% Air India and Indian Airlines

Japan (built in 1991

  • Axess (Axxess)

USA (founded in mid 1995 to investigate direct consumer systems)