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The Four Aims of EDA Software

  title={The Four Aims of EDA Software},
  author={A. Klotz},
Development of EDA software is a moving target, there are four aims, towards which EDA software is developed: capacity & speed, modelling of effects, level of abstraction and ease of usage / shortening the response loop. Capacity and speed go along with Moores Law, all the devices of a design, number of which is doubling every 18 months, must be handled by EDA software at acceptable speed. Today this is only achievable by massive parallelisation of the engines. Cadence introduced Tempus, Voltus… 

A Study of the Design Architectures of Configurable Processors for the Internet of Things

  • Ishfaq SultanM. T. Banday
  • Computer Science
    2018 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I)
  • 2018
The processor characteristics required for the Internet of Things applications and the possible configurations to meet the growing demands of the processor market are discussed and architecture of two configurable processors is explained in detail.