The Foundations of Russian Capitalism

  title={The Foundations of Russian Capitalism},
  author={R. Hellie},
  journal={Slavic Review},
In this thick tome Professor D. P. Makovskii challenges many of his Soviet contemporaries both in theory and by name. Soviet historiography has proclaimed for many years that the "all-Russian market" (Russia unified economically) with its bourgeois economic ties took form only in the seventeenth century and that the foundations for the future development of capitalism appeared during the period of "manufacture" 1 in the second half of the eighteenth century. Nearly all Soviet works on the… Expand
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The emergence of Moscow (1359–1462)
The central government and its institutions
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The origins of Rus’ (c.900–1015)
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Kievan Rus’ (1015–1125)
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Ivan IV (1533–1584)
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Local government and administration
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