The Foundations of Bioethics

  title={The Foundations of Bioethics},
  author={HUGO T. Engelhardt},
  • H. Engelhardt
  • Published 4 January 1996
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology
This is the first single-author text on the philosophical issues in bioethics that is both systematic and comprehensive. Engelhardt provides both a critique of the theoretical foundations of bioethics and an analysis of the problematic ways in which facts, theories and values become intertwined in concepts of health and disease. He analyzes patients' rights, including the right to free and informed consent, to refuse treatment, and to the benefits of health care. Covering topics that range from… 
The Philosophical Basis of Bioethics.
  • Peter Horn
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Seminars in pediatric neurology
  • 2015
In this article, I consider in what sense bioethics is philosophical, which can be a form of prophylaxis--helping people avoid some commonly accepted questionable theories.
The Pre-eminence of Autonomy in Bioethics
Upon reading case books on medical ethics or simply news reports in the media, one cannot escape noticing that the medical professions are currently involved in practices that some few decades ago
Reconciling Lists of Principles in Bioethics.
  • R. Veatch
  • Medicine, Philosophy
    The Journal of medicine and philosophy
  • 2020
A review is undertaken to compare the lists of principles in various bioethical theories to determine the extent to which the various lists can be reconciled.
Rational Justification of an Objective and Publicly Acceptable Bioethics
In the first four chapters of this work I have attempted to sketch outlines of a philosophy of medicine, general ethics, and medical ethics and defended a number of content-full (‘material’) goods
The Challenge of Doing International Bioethics
In both national and international bioethics there is a distortion of the nature and scope of our bioethics conversation. This distortion impedes the fruitfulness of initial discussions and efforts
The Ethics of Prenatal Screening and the Search for Global Bioethics
The question whether global bioethics is possible is indicative of the specific conditions of post-modernity. It implies not only the fragmentation of contemporary morality along the line that
Bioethics in the Ruins
In The Foundations of Bioethics (1986, 1996), former senior editor of The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. (1941–2018) radically reassessed the nature and scope of
The Human Fetus: Introduction
Of all the issues of applied ethics, none has exercised the public interest as much as how the human fetus ought to be treated. The current debate in this country between the ‘pro-life’ and
The Concept of Person in Bioethics
Bioethics is a recent phenomenon. The term itself was used for the first time in 1970 in the United States (Potter 1970). For some years, it was believed that the term had been coined by Dr. Van
Sanctity of Life: A Study in Ambiguity and Confusion
Bioethics is a field that has defined itself in moral controversies. For example, bioethics has emerged as a discipline in the attempts to resolve moral controversies surrounding medical practices