The Foundation of the Jacobin Clubs and the Development of the Jacobin Club Network, 1789-1791

  title={The Foundation of the Jacobin Clubs and the Development of the Jacobin Club Network, 1789-1791},
  author={Michael L. Kennedy},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={701 - 733}
  • M. Kennedy
  • Published 1979
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
On April 30, 1789, on the eve of the Estates-General, a caucus of deputies from Brittany took place at Versailles. During the momentous weeks that followed, the Bretons formed the habit of meeting nightly in a caf6 near the great Chateau. By June, their "salon" or "club" had become a rallying point for reform-minded deputies such as Mirabeau, Barnave, Robespierre, Petion, Adrien Duport, Sieyes, Gregoire, and Alexandre and Charles de Lameth. It left no records, but the memoirs and letters of… Expand
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