The Forward Time Projection Chamber ( FTPC ) in

  title={The Forward Time Projection Chamber ( FTPC ) in},
  author={Karin Ackermann and F. S. Bieser and Fiona Brady and Daniel Cebra and Jason Draper and V L Eckardt and Tobias Eggert and Henry E. Fessler and Kyle J. Foley and Varand Ghazikhanian and Timothy J. Hallman and Michelle Heffner and H. H{\"u}mmler and Jennifer L. Klay and S. R. Klein and Alexei Lebedev and Michael Joseph Levine and T. A. Ljubi{\vc}i{\vc} and Gaspare Lo Curto and R. S. Longacre and Mats Oldenburg and HG. Ritter and Jos{\'e} L. Romero and Norbert Schmitz and A. Scḧuttauf and Janet Seyboth and Peter Seyboth and M Cicconi Vidal and Claudia Whitten and Etsuji Yamamoto},
Two cylindrical forward TPC detectors are described which were constructed to extend the phase space coverage of the STAR experiment to the region 2.5 < |η| < 4.0. For optimal use of the available space and in order to cope with the high track density of central Au+Au collisions at RHIC, a novel design was developed using radial drift in a low diffusion gas. From prototype measurements a 2-track resolution of 1 2 mm is expected. 


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