The Forgotten Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in California

  title={The Forgotten Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in California},
  author={Dale H. Gieringer},
  journal={Contemporary Drug Problems},
  pages={237 - 288}
  • D. Gieringer
  • Published 1 June 1999
  • History
  • Contemporary Drug Problems
Long before being banned by federal law in 1937, cannabis was prohibited by California in 1913. The law was sponsored by the state Board of Pharmacy as part of a wider, aggressive anti-narcotics campaign originally aimed at opiates. There was no broader public concern about cannabis at the time. Prior to 1913, evidence for the use of “hashish” in California is exceedingly slim. Mexican “marihuana” was not familiar to the public until after the law was passed. The law was originally proposed by… 
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