The Forgotten 'Uncore': On the Energy-Efficiency of Heterogeneous Cores

  title={The Forgotten 'Uncore': On the Energy-Efficiency of Heterogeneous Cores},
  author={Vishal Gupta and Paul Brett and David A. Koufaty and Dheeraj Reddy and Scott Hahn and Karsten Schwan and Ganapati Srinivasa},
  booktitle={USENIX Annual Technical Conference},
Heterogeneous multicore processors (HMPs), consisting of cores with different performance/power characteristics, have been proposed to deliver higher energy efficiency than symmetric multicores. This paper investigates the opportunities and limitations in using HMPs to gain energy-efficiency. Unlike previous work focused on server systems, we focus on the client workloads typically seen in modern end-user devices. Further, beyond considering core power usage, we also consider the ‘uncore… CONTINUE READING
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