The Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa: Frontmatter

  title={The Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa: Frontmatter},
  author={Gareth M. Winrow},
East German Military Aid to the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua, 1979–1990
The East German regime provided extensive military assistance to developing countries and armed guerrilla movements in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. In the 1980s, theExpand
Sailing in the Shadow of the Vietnam War: The GDR Government and the "Vietnam Bonus" of the Early 1970s
In concert with the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries, the East German government vigorously opposed the Vietnam War in the 1960s and early 1970s and supported North Vietnam politically andExpand
Globalising Ostpolitik
Traditional cold war narratives cast Ostpolitik as a policy for dealing with the German question and détente in Europe. Only recently have scholars begun exploring Ostpolitik's broader consequences.Expand
Inflexible to Flexible Diplomacy in Taiwan
Taiwan is in many ways an excellent example of how an authoritarian country can overcome much of the associated difficulties of successfully transitioning into a healthy and well-functioningExpand
Race, Socialism and Solidarity: Anti-Apartheid in Eastern Europe
This chapter will address the relationship between eastern European socialist states and apartheid South Africa. Employing material from archives in South Africa, Poland, Hungary and the GDR, andExpand
Socialism, Unification Policy and the Rise of Racism in Eastern Germany 1
Ethnic conflict has become a major challenge facing unified Germany. While anti-immigrant violence has been virulent across the country, it has been especially conspicuous and upsetting in formerExpand
Agents of dissent: African student organizations in the German Democratic Republic
Abstract African students in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) often belonged to national student clubs (NHG) that were arranged for them by the East German government. Many were also members ofExpand
Refugees across the generations. Generational relations between the ‘GDR children of Namibia’ and their children
ABSTRACT This article represents the first ever analysis of the generational relations of an otherwise largely neglected group – the ‘GDR children of Namibia’ and their children. The ‘GDR children ofExpand
“You are special”: othering in biographies of “GDR children from Namibia”
ABSTRACT The article analyses a historical case of politically induced flight. The so-called German Democratic Republic (GDR) children from Namibia are about 430 people brought to the GDR betweenExpand
An analysis of metaphors in the biographies of the ‘GDR children of Namibia’
ABSTRACT Metaphors are linguistically dense images that transfer terms from their original usage to a different context and describe actions and objects beyond their literal meaning. This articleExpand