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The Flora Levy Lecture in the Humanities 1989 Some of My Journeys in Medicine

  title={The Flora Levy Lecture in the Humanities 1989 Some of My Journeys in Medicine},
  author={Ian Stevenson},
Preface Ian Stevenson is a man extraordinary in his intellectual and scientific accomplishments and even more extraordinary in his possession of a quality of mind which resists and never allows itself to be dominated by assumption. And so, against a powerful scientific ethos, which generally looks askance upon matters such as religions and more specifically the question of the soul, Stevenson has stood firm, recognizing that such issues are highly debatable issues and cannot be dismissed as… 
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Transatlantic Enlightenment : Peter Gay and the drama of German history in the United States, 1930s-1970s
This is the first research on the life and work of the Jewish German-American historian Peter Gay (1923-2015). The dissertation analyzes the impact of Gay’s experience of emigration from Nazi Germany


The Evidence for Survival from Claimed Memories of Former Incarnations The Winning Essay of the Contest in Memory of William James
Throughout this book the reader is made conscious of the part played by poverty, ignorance and poor living conditions in the genesis of disease in the Tropics, and the authors rightly stress the importance of gaining the active cooperation of the people themselves in creating a healthier environment.
  • I. Stevenson
  • Psychology
    The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1977
The idea of reincarnation is presented as having considerable explanatory value for several features of human personality and biology that currently accepted theories do not adequately clarify.
American Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives
  • I. Stevenson
  • Medicine
    The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1983
An unknown number of American children claim to remember previous lives and data of 79 such children are analyzed and compared with data from a larger number of cases in India to alert psychiatrists and pediatricians to the occurrence of such cases and to encourage their reporting them for further study.
Is the human personality more plastic in infancy and childhood.
  • I. Stevenson
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The American journal of psychiatry
  • 1957
It is found that there is no compelling evidence of a predictable relationship between child training practices and later personality, and important personality changes occur after childhood including the disappearance of marked psychological disorders.
Life Situations, Emotions, and Extrasystoles
A systematic study was made of 12 unselected patients displaying extrasystoles to explore the validity of the inference that such extrasyStoles occur as part of the organism's reaction to life situations.
Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation, Revised Edition
children who remember previous lives a question of reincarnation. Book lovers, when you need a new book to read, find the book here. Never worry not to find what you need. Is the children who
Physical Symptoms During Pleasurable Emotional States
A wide variety of bodily changes occur during emotional disturbances associated with such feeling states as anxiety, resentment, guilt, or depression as well as pleasurable emotional states such as joy or happiness.
Physical symptoms occurring with pleasurable emotional states.
  • I. Stevenson
  • Psychology
    The American journal of psychiatry
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Eight cases of physical symptoms occurring during pleasurable emotional states are reported and discussed, and it seems likely that in some predisposed persons any strong emotion, whether positive or negative, may precipitate physical symptoms.
Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation Second edition, revised. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia
  • First published as Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research
  • 1966
On the Irrational among the Rational: Incredulity in Scientists
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