The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent

  title={The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent},
  author={Richard Florida},
Research-driven and clearly written, bestselling economist Richard Florida addresses the growing alarm about the exodus of high-value jobs from the USA. Today's most valued workers are what economist Richard Florida calls the Creative Class. In his bestselling The Rise of the Creative Class, Florida identified these variously skilled individuals as the source of economic revitalisation in US cities. In that book, he shows that investment in technology and a civic culture of tolerance (most… 

Asian Cities and Limits to Creative Capital Theory

Richard Florida’s (2002a) highly cited book, The Rise of the Creative Class, has stirred an ongoing debate on the relationship between culture, creativity and economy, and on the usefulness of the

The “creative class” in the uk: an initial analysis

Abstract. Richard Florida argues that regional economic outcomes are tied to the underlying conditions that facilitate creativity and diversity. Thus the Creative Class thesis suggests that the

Learning from the Past? Why 'Creative Industries' can hardly be Creted by Local/Regional Government Policies

US regional economist Richard Florida has developed simple, but very popular ideas to foster regional economic growth: attracting and haltening of members of the so-called ‘creative class’ by

Creative Class, Creative Economy, and the Wisdom Society as a Solution to their Controversy

Creative Class, Creative Economy, and the Wisdom Society as a Solution to their Controversy The paper briefly introduces the notion of creativity, linking the concepts of creative class and the

The paradigm of the creative class in regional and urban development revisited. An overview

Since the era of industrial capitalism when location started playing an important role in attracting industry and trade and boosting the economy, the role of knowledge and a high level of skills has

Struggling with the Creative Class

This article develops a critique of the recently popularized concepts of the ‘creative class’ and ‘creative cities’. The geographic reach and policy salience of these discourses is explained not in

Empirical verification of the relationship between creative life orientations of the creative class and the creative city

Abstract In the last few years there has been a fundamental change in the approach to the issue of creativity in economics, and it is increasingly referred that the era of the economics of creativity

Governmentality and the creative class: harnessing Bohemia, diversity and freedom for competitiveness

Richard Florida's works are the holy writings of the 'creative economy'. Some commentators have stressed the elitist, insidious neo-liberal implications of this new 'class' discourse. Drawing on

Precariously Mobile: Tensions between the Local and the Global in Higher Education Approaches to Cultural Work

As noted by Oakley in a previous chapter, a key issue underpinning the growth of cultural work and creative industries training in higher education (HE) is the surplus of creative workers being