The First Urban Center in the Americas

  title={The First Urban Center in the Americas},
  author={Heather Anne Pringle},
  pages={621 - 621}
ARCHAEOLOGYNew dates from an archaeological team working at the sprawling inland site of Caral, some 200 kilometers north of Lima, push back the emergence of urban life and monumental architecture in the Americas by nearly 800 years--to 2627 B.C.--and cast serious doubt on one commonly held view of the relationships between inland and coastal centers in early Peru. But the research, reported on page [723][1], suggests an answer to the puzzle of why the desert sites became so prominent early on… 
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Significance of Ostracode Studies in Geoarchæology: Examples from the United States Southwest
ABSTRACT Ostracodes are microcrustaceans that inhabit almost any aquatic system. Over the past 12 years, these microcrustaceans have provided valuable information about the hydraulics and chemistry