The First Three Polar Years – A General Overview

  title={The First Three Polar Years – A General Overview},
  author={Rip Bulkeley},
The first general physical property of the earth that our ancestors began to understand, in the third century bc, was its roughly spherical shape. The second, about 1,800 years later, was its magnetic field. In both cases the scientists were able to construct small models of the phenomenon, and to measure and map local portions of it. By the eighteenth century ad both the surface of the earth and its magnetic properties were being mapped in some detail. 

Scientists and Heroes: International Arctic Cooperation at the End of the Nineteenth Century

Abstract The history of nineteenth century Arctic exploration is usually narrated as an ongoing race to the North Pole – by boat, sledge and balloon. The longer this race lasted, the more it became a

Canadian International Polar Year (2007–2008): an introduction

Canadian contributions to International Polar Year (IPY) 2007–2008 were designed to improve the understanding of climate change impacts and adaptation and to gain insight into issues surrounding

Continual change and gradual warming: A summary of the North Slave Métis Alliance’s recorded cultural knowledge on climate and environmental change

Alliance's recorded cultural knowledge on climate and environmental change North Slave Métis Alliance community members,1 Shin Shiga,1 Peter Evans,2 Dave King,2 and Beth Keats2 1 North Slave Métis

The IPY 2007–2008 data legacy – creating open data from IPY publications

Abstract. The International Polar Year (IPY) 2007–2008 was a synchronized effort to simultaneously collect data from polar regions. Being the fourth in a series of IPYs, the demand for



Leonid Ludwig Breitfuß (1864-1950) in Deutschland Chronist der Polarforschung und die Umstände des Verkaufs seiner Bibliothek nach England

After the Grcat War, Leonid Ludwig Breitfus (1864-1950), a Russian of German parentage, fled from the Russian Revolution to Berlin in 1920, wherc he had studied nearly 30 years previously. He was