The First Ten Years of the HKSAR: Civil Society Comes of Age

  title={The First Ten Years of the HKSAR: Civil Society Comes of Age},
  author={Elaine Chan and Joseph C.W. Chan},
  journal={Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration},
  pages={77 - 99}
  • E. Chan, J. Chan
  • Published 1 June 2007
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration
Civil society in Hong Kong has gone through an important period of maturity in the ten years since the handover, with 2003 being a watershed. Around 2003, civil society assumed a separate identity, and from that point on it has been active in various aspects on the policy-making scene. This article discusses how civil society has articulated itself: its identity, roles, agenda and agency. Civil society’s self-articulation of its identity and roles reveals three discourses: civil society as a… 
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